Are you hoping for a positive, calm birth experience for you and your baby? My KGHypnobirthing courses can help you achieve this – whatever the circumstances. Hypnobirthing is not just focused on one birth outcome, but can help you prepare without fear, and with confidence, for all types of birth.

KGHypnobirthing is logical, simple, practical…..and very effective; a complete antenatal programme for you & your birth partner!

This course teaches all the factual information you need to know about your body, labour, birth and the Irish Maternity System.

What we cover during this course-

*the logic behind Hypnobirthing, how and why it works

* learn about how the mind works/the maternal brain

*the hormones of birth and how you can influence them to work optimally

*learn how your birthing body works with the stages of labour 1st,2nd,3rd, and 4th

*release fears and anxieties around pregnancy & birth

*the role of the birth partner and how they can support you

*your comfort measure tool-kit

* be confident in what your options are and how to make informed decisions

*learn more about inductions, c-sections and other ‘what if’ situations that are routine or policy in maternity care

*practice the skills that will lead you to feeling relaxed and tap into your inner calm

*hypnobirthing techniques that will support you during your pregnancy & birth

Included in your booking:

*The KGHypnobirthing Book & MP3 audio “Colour & Calmness”

*The parents handouts/folder/notes (sent after course completed)

*Email/Phone support with any queries till the arrival of baby!


*Bolsters/blankets/pillows are provided for relaxation sessions.


Courses are available in 3 formats:

*1-2-1 sessions privately in your own home at the convenience of your schedule. Please enquire for details.

€450 per couple

*Evening group sessions in 4 classes over 4 weeks

€300 per couple

*Weekend group course done over 2 Sundays 10am-4pm

€300 per couple

Courses are held at our lovely cosy, warm and friendly studio Holistic Nurture in the heart of Blanchardstown village in Dublin 15.


For Hypnobirthing Courses booked for Oct/Nov, you will also receive a FREE 4 Hour Active Birth workshop* for you & your partner! (Value €100)

*to be used for Active Birth workshops in Oct/Nov 2019 only.

Scheduled Class dates for 2019-



KGHypnobirthing weekend workshop Sun17th & Sun24th Nov 2019



KGHypnobirthing Private Course





Hypnobirthing is not just beneficial for mums & babies – check out what this dad has to say about his experience!


Click here for lots of free resources available from the KGHyypnobirthing website to get you started in your preparation for a positive birth –