Aisling & Ray – June 2017

“Both myself & my partner recently attended the GentleBirth workshop, and we cannot recommend this course highly enough for expectant parents. From the introduction, Emer was a mindful of information and really created a relaxing environment. It was extremely informative and helped both answer and put at ease any questions or apprehensions that we had. Thanks a million Emer for all your help!”

Estelle & Connor – August 2017

We were so lucky to have been a part of Emer’s Gentlebirth Workshop. The weekend covered a wealth of topics, from preparing mentally and building confidence through mindfulness and hypnosis, to practical considerations for birth preferences and pain relief techniques for labour. We both left feeling confident and relaxed for a positive birth experience, no matter what path the birth takes on the Big Day! Emer was very knowledgeable in all aspects of birth, and being a Doula also, has lots of experience to share. The environment was very friendly and comfortable and and we felt at ease asking lots of questions. We highly recommend the Gentlebirth workshop with Emer.

Gráinne & Martin – August 2017

We took part in Emer’s Gentlebirth workshop in August 2017, at 35 weeks and were very glad we did. I had been engaged with the GB App from about 12 weeks, and had been chatting online, and in person to other GB mums too, but i found the weekend workshop really valuable and rewarding – especially to see how much my partner got from it. Emer’s workshop was fun, engaging and very thorough. We both felt so empowered and ready to go by the end of the weekend. Highly recommended!

Marie & Rory – August 2017

Emer was both our Doula and Gentlebirth Instructor. She introduced us to GB quite early on in the pregnancy so I benefited from months of brain training ahead of the Big Day! My husband and I both agree she was the best decision we made for our birth. We both felt very prepared and supported throughout the pregnancy. Emer provided us with guidance and information on topics we weren’t familiar with, allowing us to form our own opinion on various aspects of birth. On the day we had some surprises, but had a plan for those as we had already discussed pretty much any eventuality. it was important for me to have a calm birth and i did! The whole day was amazingly peaceful and Emer was an integral part of making this happen. My gorgeous son was born on 28 September 2017. I truly felt like I had the best birth team around me and it was very empowering. My husband also felt like he had been involved and that he was helpful which made the whole thing very special for us as a couple. Emer went above and beyond, even after the birth to ensure we were settling in ok. She is a very experienced mum of 4 so it felt very comforting to be able to run a few things by her. Once again, I highly recommend her, thank-you Emer for being part of our positive birth story!


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